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“There is the risk you cannot afford to take, and there is the risk you cannot afford not to take.”

How does it work?
Check up: Analyzing your current personal situation Expert opinion: Receiving a fast and personalized expert opinion based on your current situation and advisory what to do next Application for the insurances you have to do and get the confirmation of coverage to receive the visa or permission

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Business Immigration (Insurance) Service:

Support in the whole Business Immigration Process, from Visa application in the foreign embassies til the application for settlement permit; Identification of especially health insurance needs to fulfil all legal requirements for the visa process


Corporate-/ Private Insurance Management

Identification of Insurance needs to fulfil all legal requirements as company or private person.


Risk Management/ Business Consulting

Risk identification to avoid and transfer as special part of a holistic business consulting.

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About us

We are a berlin based corporate insurance broker and corporate consulting firm focused on providing insurance solutions for Corporates and Start-ups who wants to settle their business in germany or persons who wants to become a shareholder on a german corporate/ employees as high potentials.

Risk management is our business and the fundamental security for you that your business do not end before it really get started.

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