Important to know

What is insurance 360?

Insurance360 is a program or concept from 3T-Versicherungsmakler and your relocation service of choice. No matter if you are planning to study, live, work or travel in Germany, insurance360 support you to make your relocation to Germany seamless.

When moving to Germany, you will likely need health insurance, a bank account, visa, etc. As a full-service provider, we inform and assist business immigrants with bureaucratic and paper heavy challenges when moving to Germany: finding the right insurances, setting up a bank account, or supporting you with your visa application.

We aim to advise business immigrants in the same way we would have liked to be advised when moving to Germany: competent, fair and transparent. We speak your language and help in English, German, service is provided in English (or German) with the possibility to request support in Mandarin, Portuguese, Spanish, Hindi and Arabic.

Who are the people behind insurance360?

Our team encompasses experts with extensive know-how in the insurance market. All of us have experiences with local insurance companies, banks and/or citizen offices. We feel you and solve these problems for you.

Why should you work with insurance360?

Insurance360 offers relocation services. We give you the information you need and aim to make your experience of getting started joyful through easy and signup processes. But before we recommend a certain service, we will always ask you a few questions to better understand your individual situation. We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all solutions.

We also do not believe in online exploration tools and online calculators becaus every person/ case is unique and there are several ways to handle with. After using exploration tools or calculators, people are often more confused than before. Should you have any question in the meantime, you can directly get in touch with us to clarify.


3T Versicherungsmakler is a licensed independent insurance broker under §34d Abs.1 of the Trade and Industry Code (Gewerbeordnung). We always assure our independency, transparency and ethical standards. Our registration number is D-8KJK-S68J0-59 and you can verify the registration here. Due to our own internal quality requirements, we only work with certified partners who share our high-quality standards to ensure a superior product offering and joyful experience. Even in the unfortunate, and unlikely, event that we have given incorrect advice causing personal or pecuniary losses, we protect these losses through liability insurance.

Scope of the broker mandate

Working together within the scope of a broker mandate is the most common form of collaboration worldwide. This is likely due to the fact that the entire consulting and support process is usually integrated. With this form of cooperation, the selected insurance broker is compensated through brokerage fees from the insurance companies that are considered. A broker mandate is valid until revoked by one of the contractual partners.

A brokerage mandate usually comprises the following services which do not result in separate costs:

Insurance audit

We assess your risks and develop a risk profile for you or your company taking account of your risk capacity. The insurance audit analyses your insurance policies and reveals potential savings. You receive benchmark information through comparisons with similar insurance companies.

Cost optimisation/tender process

Our negotiating skills and market expertise guarantee you optimal premiums for insurance solutions. We know which insurance carriers are currently looking for which risks. We are familiar with the market and guarantee the best terms and conditions at the time of the tender.

Annual strategy meeting

Changes in risk and the claims data for all insurance contracts are discussed at an annual meeting. Together we decide on clear facts and determine which policies should be written.

Ongoing advice and support

You ask, we respond or clarify for you.

Document check

Reviewing all documents such as policies, invoices, declarations.

Support in the event of a claim

Managing the negotiations to safeguard your interests.

When awarding a broker mandate, we recommend that you consider the following:

  • Check the competence, reputation and references of the consulting firm
  • Are the people presenting the services also the ones who will subsequently work with you?
  • How are the consultants trained?
  • Have deputies been appointed?

Do not sign a broker mandate with a notice period of more than three months.

Insurance Partners:

As a licensed independent insurance broker, we are working with insurance companies from ‚A‘ like Allianz to ‚Z‘ like Zurich.


3T Versicherungsmakler is a licensed independent insurance broker that receives commissions from the insurer. The service is free of charge if not clearly stated differently. For some consultancy services, we may charge a fee but only after we have received your previous written o.k. to our official offer.

Loss or damage:

Please note the following: You must fulfill your contractual obligations which you can find in the insurer policies. As your trusted partner, we will help you in the event of loss or damage. If you need our help feel free to contact us.


If you are not happy with our service, please get in touch with us. We live from good and serious recommendations. Of course, we are only human and we sometimes make mistakes. We rely on your feedback to become better every day, so please, if you are facing any issue, get in touch with us directly and we will clarify on a personal basis.

In the unlikely event of an irreconcilable dispute concerning insurance matters, EU-Member-States have introduced an insurance ombudsman who is dealing with customers` complaints. The contact details can be found in our Legal Notice under „Arbitration bodies, which can be referred to in a dispute“.