Few words about us

About us

We are a berlin based corporate insurance broker and corporate consulting firm focused on providing insurance solutions for Corporates and Start-ups who wants to settle their business in germany or persons who wants to become a shareholder on a german corporate/ employees as high potentials.

To be sure that all requirements to the insurances will be fulfilled for the visa, residence permits or settlement permits process, we work closely with all the german authorities like the immigration offices, Welcome Centers, chambers of commerce and industry etc.

Our long experience enables us to offer also international insurance solutions/ programs and special insurance solutions for very complex mandates, difficult branches and cases. We ensure high quality in insurance coverage and services. Risk management is our business and the fundamental security for you that your business do not end before it really get started.

Our promises

Our promises to you explained very short and on the point

Offering best solutions
Offering solutions which were 100% accepted and approved by german immigration office for obtaining a german visa, blue card, residence permit, settlement permit and receiving the confirmation of coverage for the immigration process.
Personal consulting
personal consulting instead of an anonymous digital process; support and leading through the application process; consulting only with licensed and certified advisors.
we use simple explanations and we make sure that always a contact person will be available